Hi, Welcome to Daily Records site

From 1994 to the present time, Daily Records has been serving and promoting music to a demanding consumer market that is increasingly seeking a quality product, not only musically speaking but also at a manufacturing level. This fact forces us to be highly selective regarding the catalogue that we offer to our customers.

Our catalog is based on specialized products, keeping away from empty commercial music and concentrating in works and bands that, for many music fans, have no expiration date.
The vinyl format (both new & second hand) is our main priority as we think is the format that provides the greatest listening experience.

Daily Records has evolved over the years from being only a physical store to expand its online presence through its website and also through the most important online marketplaces such as amazon, ebay and discogs.
Also the wholesale distribution of music becomes another of the primary activities of this new stage of the company. We aim to provide attentive service to other professionals who sell music in physical format.

We appreciate your interest and we encourage you to contact us for any questions or suggestions that you may have.

Daily Records 2015