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Cooper, Alex - Club 45



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    In January 2014 we announced that CLUB 45 was sold out. Discontinued for almost four years, we announced today from Ediciones Chelsea a new "deluxe" version of CLUB 45, augmented and updated. The text is, in essence, the same. But in the graphic section there are a few chapters that have been enriched with more photos and cuts. Adding a new index and a lovely final collage, this second edition reaches the round figure of 140 pages.
    A great opportunity to revisit the Beat Planet, especially for those who ran out of CLUB 45 at the time and wish to access their magic for the first time.
    It is surprising to see how an artifact like the single, which was born to be consumed in the 60s, has not only survived the passage of time but has become one of the clearest references of an era that succumbed to the charms of Pop and youth fashion. The 7-inch disc symbolizes the ephemeral, the unimportant, even the cheap, and yet it has a charm that other manifestations of popular culture have not been able to overcome. The single was the perfect vehicle for the "globalization" of the beat phenomenon, which appeared in England at the beginning of the decade and which, like an epidemic, spread across five continents. Alejandro Diez Garín, former leader of Los Flechazos and now leading Cooper, dusts off his collection of sixties records and memorabilia to offer us 90 indelible songs. 90 because it's double 45, and at 45 revolutions per minute these singles turned on turntables around the globe. 90 because the singles have two sides and many times it was on the B side where artists could dodge the dictatorship of immediate success and develop their most advanced ideas in sound and style. This book, full of anecdotes, details and evocative images, is essential for fans of the sixties and lovers of music in general. An exciting journey through the clubs, the recording studios and the streets frequented by the protagonists of the beat explosion, the places and the songs where the authentic roots of pop culture are hidden.

    Artist Alex Cooper
    Title Club 45
    Format Book
    Label Chelsea Ediciones
    Country Spain
    Year 2017
    Notes 2nd Edition

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